Alpaca Farm Opens Doors to Public

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The Alpacas of Spring Acres opened its farm to the public as part of National Alpaca Farm Days.

Nearly 100 visitors showed up to the farm on Big-B Road over the weekend to take a tour and see the livestock up close.

Farm hand Jaime Morgan said educating the public was the primary focus of the weekend.

"As an industry they ask us to open up our property and basically just educate the public, the people around us, on the livestock of alpacas, since we’ve only been in the United States for less than 20 years."

Alpacas are primarily raised for their hypoallergenic fleece and are members of the camelid family, which also include llamas and camels.

While alpacas are noticeably smaller than llamas, Morgan said there is often confusion between the two.

"An alpaca is derived from a vicuna and a llama comes from what you call a guanaco, which is all camelid family, if you look that up there are just little differences, behavior wise, it’s the same, so it’s basically just weight and height and just physical appearance differences."

The Spring Acres farm is home to 43 alpacas including 4 llamas and a dozen baby alpacas called crias.

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