Chalk on the Walk

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Students of the East Muskingum School District showed off their artistic talent with chalk.

Chalk on the Walk is an opportunity for kindergarten through eighth grade students to create original sidewalk drawings. This is the twenty-third year for the event that allows children to get together and enjoy themselves. 

"They love it. It’s just an opportunity for them to be creative and sit down and not have any, there’s a few rules but otherwise they get to have a good time and draw," said Sandy Scholl one of the District’s Principals.

Thanks to the East Muskingum Endowment Fund the district has been able to continue the event at no cost to the students. Awards were given for first, second and honorable mention. Judges are always excited to see what artwork students come up with.

"It’s different every year. Some year there’s lots of quilts. some years there’s lots of aquariums, sometimes Star Wars takes over. Whatever the theme is that the kids are interested in lot of times that shows up but sometimes they just let it go and scenes from fall or spring," said Scholl.

"String Sounds" the John Glenn High School string program entertained the crowd while judges looked over the artwork.

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