Downtown Farmer’s Market Comes to An End

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The outdoor farmers markets are slowly coming to an end.

The weekly Wednesday farmers market at the Welcome Center hosted its last market of the season. For those with WIC coupons or senior citizens coupons time is running out to redeem them because not only are the coupons only good until the end of October but a lot of items will soon be gone.

"The season started two weeks early so we’re running out of stuff two weeks early. A lot of vendors didn’t get their late plantings in because when they needed to plant them it was too wet," said Market vendor, Mark Barnhart.

The downtown farmers market ending doesn’t mean there still isn’t time to shop for fresh produce. The Saturday market at the fairgrounds will continue through the entire month of October. Although it will suffer a change next weekend.

"We’re getting moved up next Saturday because of the Gun Show, that really hurts us. Hurts us financially, hurts the attendance, hurts the parking. We have to start at eight and we have to be out by eleven, we’re setting up in the dark and that’s a prime site and we still have a lot of stuff left normally," said Barnhart.

Despite the slow start to the season the vendors are pleased with the way the two markets turned out. They hope people will come during the last month and buy up the rest of their remaining produce.

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