Community Recalls Memories of 9-11

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Eleven years later, residents of southeast Ohio still remember vividly the day of September 11, 2001.

We spoke to shoppers at Riesbeck’s Pick N’ Save on Howard Street, as they recollected what they were doing when they learned the news of the attack on the World Trade Center.

"I was absolutely terrified, just watching the towers fall, and realizing that we just lost a whole lot of people," said Nicole Shaffer of Caldwell, Ohio.

"I had been in town, got some kitchen cabinets for the church, and I was driving up there, and they came on the radio that the towers had went down," said Don Drushal, of Hopewell, Ohio.

Celina Carruthers said, "I figured the whole country was going to be at war."

"I was in math class and we found out everything happened," recalled Brian Carpenter, of Zanesville, "and when it happened we were watching the TV, and all of a sudden, planes hit towers."

"I was on my way to my daughter’s house, I got to my daughter’s and they had the TV on, and they were telling me about it and it just totally blew my mind," said Claudia Batteiger of Zanesville.  "I don’t see how people could do that to other people."

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