Zanesville Gets $500,000 Grant

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The City of Zanesville becomes one of the top five cities in the state to receive a housing grant.

The city recently was awarded a $500,000 Community Housing Improvement grant to help low to moderate income families fix their homes. This year they plan to focus on the Moxahala-Woodlawn area.

"Some of the housing there dates back to the 1800’s," said Community Development Director Stacy Clapper. "There’s significant need in the neighborhood and what we’re looking for is to try and assist these low to moderate income homeowners to be able to stay in their home to avoid becoming vacant and potentially condemned and then to be demolished."

The program can help homeowners put on a new roof, get a new furnace or help with electrical or plumbing issues. How many homes helped will be based on the work needed on the properties applying.

"We’re expecting that we’ll begin accepting applications from homeowners in November," explained Clapper. "Homeowners can just watch for public service announcements and then those individuals in the Moxahala-Woodlawn neighborhood will have some direct marketing to make sure they are aware."

Clapper said there also will be a fair housing component to the grant to help make improvements there as well.

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