Programs Will Help Area Farmers In Need

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A new program will help landowners still suffering from the early summer storms.

The Muskingum/Morgan County Farm Service Agency announced Monday the Emergency Forest Restoration Program. The federal program provides payments to eligible owners to restore land damaged by a natural disaster.

"This program is designed to help clean up the debris, also fix fences if you had fences damaged and also the best part is re-plant, there’s some woods that were severely damaged and might need some re-plantings," said Bill Huston, Farm Service Agency Executive Director.

To be eligible for the program owners must have a thousand dollars worth of damage. Sign-ups start Monday and are open until September 20th.

Another way the agency is helping, the Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program which provides financial assistance to producers of non-insurable crops when loss occurs due to natural disasters. In this case the drought has affected hay quantities.

"It’s a concern because with grain prices the way they are and were feeding our winter stocks right now it’s really hard to supplement in the winter with grain because of the value," said Huston.

Any questions about these programs or how to sign up for them, contact the Farm Service Agency (740) 454-2767

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