Building Department Revenue Up from July

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After a slow July, the Mid-East Building Department is seeing an increase in revenue.

Representatives of the Building Department met with Muskingum County Commissioners to request a raise in revenue estimates for $375,000 to $450,000 for 2012.

Chief Building Official Larry Richcreek said the request comes after an increase in revenue to cover assessment fees and village rebates.

"Since I revised our revenue estimates upward, I needed to revise those two direct related expenses upward, and that’s what I asked the Commissioners to do today," said Richcreek.

Richcreek is also asking to appropriate $25,000 back to the department for those line items saying the building department takes in the more they have to pay for fees and rebates.

"We’re well above this time last year in revenue.  We do our budget of course, annually and we request line items," added Richcreek.

The Mid-East Building Department serves 44 cities and villages in Muskingum, Guernsey, Coshocton, Morgan, and Perry counties.

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