Paramedics Keeping Watchful Eye on Fair Patrons

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Emergency medical technicians are standing by to help those in need at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds.

The Community Ambulance Service has a medical facility set up on the midway for those needing medical attention during the week-long fair.

Paramedic Troy Ball said many of the calls they get are for assistance and rarely result in transport to the hospital.

"We go there and see what we can do, sometimes we bring them back here and sometimes they refuse, and they’re feeling better by the time we get there, so a lot of times when we get there, the emergency is over," said Ball.

Ball said the type of injuries and ailments will vary on not only the weather but the age of the person they treat.

Many medical emergencies, ball said, can be avoided by taking simple precautions before you come to the fairgrounds.

"The young and the old are the ones that you have to watch for the most, with the older systems in the body and then the smaller systems with the young children and stuff like that, drink a lot and just, take lots of breaks," added Ball.

Ball said so far this week, no serious emergencies have been reported.

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