Craft Finds Niche In Zanesville

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An old craft continues to grow thanks to newfound interest.

When Martha Creasey finished her first quilt, she knew there was no turning back. After ten years on her own, she joined her mom at her quilt shop, A Touch of Thread. Working in the store, she saw how the world of quilting has nestled itself into Zanesville.

"We just keep growing, that’s all I can say. We really enjoy the quilting industry, we offer classes and things to make quilts with for those people that don’t want to come and choose different colors and things like that, we just keep trying to grow to meet everybody’s needs," said Creasey, owner of A Touch of Thread.

Over the years, she has seen how a little bit of thread and a lot of hard work can transform into something beautiful.

"People need something to feel good and with quilting you work really hard on your craft and then your finished product is something that not only gorgeous but it’s usable too."

The quilting gallery is located on the East Pike.

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