Landowners Learn More About Fracking

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People in Perry County had an opportunity to get their questions about fracking answered.

The Perry County Landowner’s Association hosted an informational meeting at the Somerset American Legion.  Executive Director of the Perry County Chamber of Commerce John Ulmer said the goal is to educate residents before the oil and gas industry makes its way to the area.

"I think, mostly as a private landowner, they want to know how much money is in it for them," said Ulmer.  "That’s really where they’re coming from, and that’s what got their attention initially."

Ulmer said it’s important for landowners to look at the long-term impact of their decisions.

"I think that the main concern that people have, and rightfully so, is the environmental impact that this type of thing can have," said Ulmer.  "When you’re talking about these big rigs, trucks, tractors and everything else that’s coming in, it’s going to have an impact on the environment."

Shawn Bennett with Energy in Depth Ohio was the guest speaker.  State Representative Bill Hayes and State Senator Tim Schaffer also attended the event.

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