City gets Portion of Land Sale Money

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The City of Zanesville cashes in on the sale of the Eastpointe Job Ready Site to Halliburton.

About 10 years ago then Mayor Jack Fenton and former Port Authority Executive Director Larry Merry struck a deal where the city would provide $65,000 in funds for the purchase of Eastpointe property. They would then recoup money with its sale, giving the city over $332,000.

"This will just help with some of the problems we’re going to have with the power bills and the fuel going up," said Mayor Jeff Tilton. "It’s a win for the city, but still we’re going to be very frugal with our money."

The Port Authority continues its early planning stages of how to reinvest its portion of the Halliburton money. Some of those upgrades include the addition of a rail spur to the Eastpointe Business Park, a small 15-acre job ready site and a larger site not located at Eastpointe.

"The reality is when companies decide they want to do something they typically want to move real quickly," explained Port Authority Executive Director Mike Jacoby. "A lot of the ground we have may have been strip mined before and may not be buildable right away, we may need to do some compaction. We also don’t have flat ground, so grading needs to occur and utilities need to occur, so there’s some up front cost."

Halliburton breaks ground at an event scheduled for next week.

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