Popular Musical Coming to Z-ville

Local News

A well-known musical is coming to our area…

The Zanesville Community Theatre is featuring "Sweeny Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street". Assistant Director Amy Underwood said the audience can expect a unique performance.

"We have a full orchestra, we have some wonderful singers…And, it’s just a very atmospheric, chilling kind of a play. It’s a little bit different from your average, happy-go-lucky musical."

Underwood said the theatre has been planning this show for over a year now.

"This show, because it’s technically pretty difficult and complicated, doesn’t get done a lot. And I think when people knew we were going to do it, they kind of committed to drive from wherever to be in it, because it’s kind of unique."

The musical begins this Friday, April 20th and tickets must be purchased in advance.