Remembering Victims of Violent Crimes

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A crowd gathered at Putnam Hill Park in Zanesville Saturday afternoon to release balloons in memory of those who have died as a result of violent crimes.

Family and friends gathered to remember the lives of the loved ones they lost; many of whom are mothers still left hurting by what they call, "a senseless act of violence," against their children.

"There’s nothing that could ever take the place of my son, you know, he was my everything… I smile on the outside, but I’m hurting on the inside. I try to be strong but it’s hard," said Deborah Toles, remembering her son, Dajuan "D-Dub" Toles.

"The guy that was accused of killing my son is in custody in the county jail, and our hearing will start the 20th, I just hope he gets what he deserves," said event organizer, Lori Wyer, remembering her son, Dante Wolford. 

"My son was murdered November the 29th of 1998, and they tell me they know who did it, but they can’t find his body. So we’ve got to hope and pray that someone comes forward so I can have Justice for my son," said Sara Robinson about her son, John Reed Jr.

"It really means a lot to see people come out and support you , and know that you have a lot of friends who care. So it’s really nice," added Kim Saunders.

Some of the balloons released contained messages written by those paying tribute.

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