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A paranormal investigative team gave people a new reason to visit the library.

Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators held a seminar at John McIntire Library Saturday afternoon. Members of the audience got a glimpse into the world of paranormal investigation. Co-founder Tom Robson said he hopes people left the seminar with a better understanding of the field.


"Basically just the paranormal process, the investigation process, also maybe inform them a little bit about the haunted locations that are in and around zanesville and the rest of the state and also just an enjoyable time for people that are interested in this field," said Robson.

This was the first seminar that the team has hosted. Robson said that when the library approached the team with the opportunity, he couldn’t turn it down.

"This interest has peaked all across the U.S. and the world, too, so we knew that there would be plenty of people that would love to hear our stories since we’ve experienced so much, so we just thought it’d be a good thing to do."

Robson said he’s pleased with the turnout – Around 175 people attended.

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