Oversize Hauling Permit Predicament

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The Muskingum County Commissioners are working with businesses to address concerns about permit fees.

On Thursday the commissioners met with representatives from FruhQuip Inc, Baker’s Welding and Crane Service, and Farm Supply Center Inc.  Commissioner Jim Porter said the cost for an oversize hauling permit has jumped from $20 to $750 this year.

"We enacted the new regulations about a month ago," said Porter.  "I think we can acknowledge that we made some mistakes.  We need to go back and look at them, review it and possibly lower or do away with the fees, because we do want to take care of our local businesses and keep them here.  We don’t want to put them out of business by any means."

The three Zanesville companies in attendance agree that other counties do not charge similar rates.  Porter said that enforcing the permits is another issue.

"That was a question that we raised in one of these hearings when we were talking about enacting these regulations is how they are going to be enforced as far as who has a set of scales and things of that nature," said Porter.  "I don’t think that has been addressed yet either."

It’s unclear how much a company would be fined for hauling an oversize load without a permit.

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