Lawmakers Focus on Hydraulic Fracturing

Local News

After the recent earthquakes in Youngstown, Ohio lawmakers are concentrating on hydraulic fracturing.

State Senator Troy Balderson says on Tuesday Ohio lawmakers will travel to the area where they will discuss the issue during several hearings.

"The governor wants to, we really want to emphasize that we do this correctly and cover the mistakes that are going to be made. There will be mistakes, so we want to make sure we do that correctly. There has been a five mile radius on that injection well site up there. That’s another thing we need to acknowledge, and the public is this is an injection well not fracking," said Balderson.  

While Ohio lawmakers work on several projects, Balderson says the continuing number one focus in 2012 will be job growth in the area.

"We were blessed last week to have Honda announce that they will be opening up a new plant here to build a new sports car, the NSX, so we are very excited about that," said Balderson.  

In other news, Balderson says the animal legislation should be out this week.