Small Business Seminar at Zane State

Local News

Small business owners are learning more about lending programs that can help their companies gain access to capital.

On Tuesday, Zane State College hosted Senator Sherrod Brown’s Small Business Seminar.  Marianne Markowitz of the Small Business Administration spoke about the Small Business Jobs Act signed into law by President Barack Obama in September.

"The Small Business Jobs Act changed all of our programs," said Markowitz.  "We as an agency offer access to capital, contracts and counseling programs, and all of those agencies receive support and funding from the Small Business Jobs Act."

Markowitz said her goal is to show small business owners the opportunities that are available to them as a result of the legislation.  Renee Coll and her husband own Coll Materials in Zanesville.

"I think it’s invaluable the information that you can get from government organizations who are willing to help small businesses," said Coll.  "We were also involved with the USDA at one point in the business, and without that access to those funds and the support of those organizations, I don’t think we would be where we are so quickly."

About 20 small business owners attended the seminar.  For more information about the Small Business Jobs Act, you can visit