Civil War Program Begins at Stone Academy

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Muskingum County continues to preserve history, this time through a new series of programs commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

On Sunday, the Pioneer and Historical Society presented the first lecture of the series. A presentation featuring Roscoe Village’s Living Historian Chris Hart brought to life what Christmas and holidays were like for the soldiers and families separated for the first time by war.

"Here are all these boys from all over the country, they are coming together in the army," explained Hart, "So they bring together all kinds of Christmas customs, some had never heard of a Christmas tree, others had had them for years. So it’s going to be nice to blend all that together."

Director of Pioneer and Historical Society Jim Geyer emphasized on the importance the Civil War had on the area. He said nearly 600 soldiers from Muskingum County died in the battles.

"We continue to learn more and more about it," said Geyer. " A big part of the historical society and attending the Civil War round table meetings here, I’ve learned a lot about the Civil War, there is a lot more to learn."

The lecture took place at the historic Stone Academy. The Stone Academy has been chosen by the Appalachian Regional Commission as one of the top 150 attractions in Appalachia to represent the high quality and diversity of the Civil War.

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