Out of Control Driver in Zanesville

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A Zanesville man is facing 14 traffic violations and two criminal charges after authorities said he went on a hit-skip spree while under the influence Thursday.

Lt. Tony Coury with the Zanesville Police Department said it all started around 3:30 when the suspect 36-year-old Dale Dudas hit the car of 20-year-old Janee Gill while driving on the Maysville Pike. Coury said Dudas then continued down Putnam Avenue where he hit motorcyclist 48-year-old Clayton O’Neill of Zanesville on the Sixth Street Bridge.

The crash sent O’Neill into a van. The driver of that van 67-year-old Ralph Clark of Roseville was taken to Good Samaritan Hospital.

Dudas continued on and ended up striking a statue outside the Allan Cottrill Sculpture Studio on Sixth Street.

"A guy without a shirt jumped out with his liquor bottle in hand and took off south on Sixth Street , and then east up the alley, two of the fellows on hot pursuit, apparently they chased him into the woods at the top of the hill were ZPD had him cornered in the woods," said Cottrill.

Lt. Coury said Dudas was eventually located on Harris Street at the home of his ex-wife’s mother. He was brought back to the final crash scene where he was identified by witnesses. Cottrill said many of the people who witnessed the crashes were after Dudas.

"Then another gal pulled over and said, this guy almost ran me off the road, he’s speeding and acting crazy," said Cottrill. "Then I found out he hit a semi at the underpass on Maysville and Putnam so there was a lot of people stopping by looking for the guy because they wanted to do him bodily harm."

The overall damage to Cottrill’s statues is only estimated at a couple hundred dollars.

Lt. Coury said the man’s 14 traffic charges include driving with a suspended license and under the influence. He’s also facing two criminal charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle and a drug charge.

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