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The Gus Macker basketball tournament may have been canceled, but the Zanesville Downtown Association is sponsoring another fundraiser to help recover some costs.

The ZDA is selling limited edition prints of the Muskingum County Courthouse by artist Mary Ann Bucci.  Manager Dana Matz said the print highlights the artistic talent of the Zanesville community.

"Mary Ann Bucci, a local artist, did the painting, and the statues that are depicted in the painting were done by local artist Alan Cottrill," said Matz.  "It’s the bronze statue of the WWII and Korean War monuments that are located at the courthouse."

He said the timing of the fundraiser couldn’t be more fitting with Veterans Day right around the corner.

"The significance of Veterans Day is that the painting does have the monuments in there," said Matz.  The timing worked out well for us, because it was something we wanted to do for the Christmas season, but we were very fortunate that Mary Ann was able to get it done in time for this parade."

The prints cost $20 each, and they can be purchased during the Veterans Day parade in downtown Zanesville on Saturday and at the Muskingum County Welcome Center next week.

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