AT&T Expands Mobile Broadband Coverage

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Good news for those with cell phones in the AT&T network, especially for those with a Smartphone.

AT&T is expanding their mobile broadband network by upgrading their sites in Dresden and Dillon Lake to 3G or mobile broadband technology.

"When we increase these speeds on these towers we go up to the 3G technology," explained AT&T Spokesperson Holly Hollingsworth. "It’s all about the speed and this mobile broadband capacity allows you to open the apps, download the files, get on the internet while you’re on your Smartphone, that’s where you’re going to see the speed."

The new cell sites are part of AT&T’s ongoing effort to increase the number of sites throughout Ohio to have the upgraded technology. AT&T invested more than $200 million into Ohio’s wireline networks in only the first half of the year.

"Little by little you take a look at all the cell-sites that are out there and you upgrade them, and take them and enhance them to the next greatest technology," said Hollingsworth. "One by one by one, so it takes a little time to get to all of those but we have more and more of the mobile broadband technology out there."

The next technology for AT&T will be 4G LTE, which is said to be nationwide by the end of next year.

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