New Concealed-Carry Law in Effect

Local News

Beginning Friday bar-goers might carry in a gun – legally.

That’s when Ohio’s revised concealed-carry law goes into effect. Under the new law, people licensed to carry a concealed weapon are allowed to bring a gun into restaurants and bars – giving a new concern for owners and employees.

"People being in here drinking concerns me, even if they’re not drinking because people do act different when they have had drinks," expressed Manager of The Barn Dustin Steed, "even as the observer of a third party incident, it’s still a tough thing when you’re caring a pistol."

Two major terms are built into the law, one being that those carrying a concealed weapon will not be allowed to drink- a difficult law to enforce. The other term stating owners have the right to ban the guns simply by posting a no-firearms sign. Steed said the option is being discussed but he still has concerns.

"I believe once that sticker is placed on the door no one can carry a concealed into the building, including us and management or employees or anyone would be able to carry into the building at anytime," said Steed.

To carry a concealed weapon in Ohio you must be at least 21 years old with no felony or misdemeanor convictions involving violence. Carriers must undergo a criminal background check and attend a gun safety course.