Punt, Pass and Kick

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Kids in the area came out to show off their football skills in hopes of a chance to compete at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

More than 30 kids came out to Rosecrans High School to participate in the annual Punt, Pass and Kick competition. Sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, the competition is only the beginning for many football enthusiasts- opening the doors to high school football.

"It’s a good thing we got a lot of parents that work with the kids on the practicing of the punts, pass and kicking," said Organizer  Bill Moyer. "When they are coming up these little ity-bity teams, like these here, and also the high school, it makes a difference. "

Winners from Saturday’s competition will compete in the McConnelsville sectionals. Winners from the sectionals will then go on to compete at Cleveland Browns Stadium. 8th Grader Kori Sidwell has been taking part in the competition for 4 years, despite being only one of a few girls on the field, she has been fortunate enough to attend the Cleveland Brown finals multiple times.

"It’s pretty awesome because you get to go on the field and see them from the field," said Sidwell. ‘It’s just pretty cool to see them up close."

The competition is open to surrounding community children between the ages six and fifteen.

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