Library Launches Fall Story Time Program

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The Muskingum County Library System is launching its Story Time program for this coming fall.

The program offers stories for babies, toddlers, and pre-school youngsters at the John Mcintire Library. Those that have children in pre-school can also take advantage of the program at the Dresden, Duncan Falls-Philo, and New Concord branches of the library.

"We invite people to register for these programs conservatively valued at 50 dollars so its a great free program for early childhood literacy but recognizing the importance of that, we’re also going out to Maysville Pre-School, Roseville County Connection and Zanesville Day Nursery," said John Mcintire Library’s Blair Tom.

Tom says programs like story time for children are essential in developing literacy skills because of the developmental stages children go through when they are young.

"We have assistant librarians and librarians that base their programs on ready to read skills trained by the state of Ohio and through their schooling and introduces rhyming sounds, word recognition, action rhymes, activities to keep them engaged and then shares age appropriate books," said Tom.

For more information, you can visit the library you are interested in attending. Registration is free and the program runs the week of September 12th through October 31st.

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