Cigarette Butt Ignites Tree

Local News

A tree that caught fire Thursday could now be a danger to surrounding homes.

It happened at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. When a tree on the property of 50 Green Street went up in flames. Neighbor Lori Carroll was sitting outside her home at the time. She said she saw her neighbor put out his cigarette along the side of the tree and then left.

"He put it out, I didn’t see nothing, took my niece laid her down, come back out and the trees on fire," said Carroll.

Zanesville Fire Department responded. Lieutenant Bob Long said the hollowed-out tree was already a danger to surrounding homes and now that is has caught fire poses more of a threat. He plans to contact the city. Carroll said she has grandchildren visit regularly and is now worried.

"We never had no concerns until today," said Carroll. "Now it’s obviously a big concern."

The man who lives at the address was not home at the time. The tree fire later reignited, likely from smoldering ash.

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