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The summer months will bring changes to Ohio University Zanesville that will continue into the new school year.

Current Dean Dr. Jim Fonseca is being placed on a temporary assignment that will make him the Regional Dean of all five Ohio University Regional Campuses. He replaces retiring Executive Dean Dan Evans.

Dr. Fonseca said he’s looking forward to this change.

"It’s a kind of renewal and reinvigorating and particularly since it’s for a year. If It had been permanent thing I’d be more concerned," said Dr  Fonseca.

This year Ohio University raised tuition for the first time in four years. The cost of education will continue to be watched by educators.

"Budget is always an issue. As everyone knows the state is under tight budget constraints so we have to do what we can to create efficiencies by cooperation of all the five branch campuses and try not to raise tuition," said Dr. Fonseca.

Part of watching the budget also includes learning how to share resources between campuses Dr. Richard Greenlee will fill in as Dean at OUZ this year while maintaining his position of Dean at Ohio University Eastern.

"I look forward to the opportunity to both campuses by learning from both of them and there are differences and usually it’s amazing how there are many fine things being done and one of the disadvantages overtime is that we didn’t share with the five regional campuses were doing," said Dr. Greenlee. "I think there is now automatically this sharing of information and if there’s a better way for doing it then that’s what I want to do."

These two deans will hold their positions until June 2012. Dr. Fonseca said he will not apply to be the permanent regional dean.

Both deans also said that students shouldn’t see a difference in the quality of education they receive during this time.

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