Pottery Collection Auctioned Off

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A unique pottery collection brought collectors of all forms to downtown Zanesville.

Saturday morning McCoy Pottery collector, John Vorisek auctioned-off half of his collection at the Zanesville-Muskingum County Welcome Center. Vorisek’s interest in McCoy Pottery began about 25 years ago when he and his wife bought their first piece at an antique store for fifteen dollars. Today Vorisek owns a couple thousand pieces with some worth up to $12,000.

"Oh it’s kind of a mixed feeling you know," expressed Vorisek. "It was kind of getting time to down size a little bit, I was getting pretty crowded in my house I had over a couple thousand pieces."

Jeff Koehler has been serving as a Zanesville auctioneer for about 20 years and said Vorisek has been coming into Zanesville all the way from New York City every year to continue his collection.

"As a matter of fact I’ve sold a lot of this pottery at one time to him for his collection at other pottery auctions we’ve had over the years," said Koehler. "And now it’s back here, back home again, which I’m going to be selling and it’s going to go back out again and I’m certainly sure I’ll be selling a lot of these pieces over again in years to come."

The remaining half of Vorisek’s collection will be auctioned-off this time next year. McCoy is one of the largest selling collections of pottery.

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