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Chemistry, anatomy, biology and more… Kids involved with science camp think, it’s just fun.

A summer camp held at  Zane Sate College offers kids some hands-on experience with science. Instructor at Zane State College, Katie Hooper, said, if kids get their feet wet now with science, the future job opportunities are endless.

"Absolutely, if a student is interested in science, there are so many opportunities that are available to them," said Hooper. "Their future is wide open, with possible job opportunity or even just hobbies."

Students have the opportunity to learn by having fun, through activities such as dissecting a frog. Students, Daylyn Jackson and André Hill said, they really do learn a lot.

"Well we have so far experimented with different acids," said Jackson and Hill. "We were just talking about the mussels, comparing the mussels with humans and frogs."

Space is still available to any student between 6th and 8th grade. For more information e-mail

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