Candle-Light Vigil for Ellis Dam Boys

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Since Saturday, our community has been gripped by the story of two young brothers who disappeared from their camp site at Ellis Dam in Dresden.

3-year-old Ayden Cecil’s body was found in the Muskingum River shortly after the search began, but 2-year -old Anthony Tullius is still missing.

Wednesday night the community came together to show its support to the boys family in a special vigil.

"I love you and you’re in a better place then here," cried the Father of Ayden, Eric LeMaster.

The tragic day still rings strong in the family’s mind.

Anthony’s Aunt, Jennifer Birkhimer said, "I’ve just been giving her all of our love, and of course, she’s distraught and it’s just, its been a very hard time."

"This families broken right now," said Tree of Life’s, Rick Blaney. "Surrounding them with our prayers and our love will get them through this." "

Hundreds gathered in a candle light vigil. The boys mother Kasey Klein had no words, only tears. The goal, to bury her sons together, have had rescue teams searching the river each day.

Falls Township’s Fire Chief, JD Johnson, said "It has it’s enemies in there. And I’m afraid right now, I’m dealing with on of those enemies."

It’s now been five days since the incident that took 3-year-old Ayden Cecil’s life, and left 2-year-old Anthony Tullius missing.

"Praying we can get Anthony out of this and home to his mother," said Ayden’s Father.

"I hope so that would be a miracle," said Anthony’s Aunt. "That would be wonderful."

The family is asking for donations to help pay for funeral costs. The Rufus Putnam Pre-school Program plans to hold a fundraiser on July 8th.

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