Jack Hanna at The Wilds

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Today’s temperatures may have seemed unbearable, but for those at the wilds, temperatures were unfaising.

Wildlife Correspondent, Jack Hanna spent the day with children, and fans of all ages. Even Hanna’s grandchildren came out to celebrate Memorial Day at The Wilds. Hanna said, there has always been alot to see and, now, there is alot to do.

"Let me tell you, you can’t come to The Wilds and just stay for 2 hours," said Hanna. "Yes, somebody says it’s a long way out here, well it’s a long way to Africa or Asia. Think about that…"

The Wilds has recently added fishing, horse back riding and one of the worlds largest ziplines. It will carry you through the sky at about 30 mph, giving you a birds eye view of all The Wilds has to offer. Hanna said, The Wilds are making leaps and bounds every year, not only to protect the animals but to aid in humanitarian efforts overseas.

"And I could go on and on and tell you about what we do for the Gorillas in Rwanda, with the trackers, with buying their health insurance. It’s about people, as well as animals," said Hanna.

Hanna said, the experience is about having fun, and then doing something about it. Beginning June 2nd, The Wilds is open daily and the zipline will be available later this summer. For more information, you can visit thewilds.org.

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