Hebron Company Awarded Contract to Build Military Helmets

Local News

Congressman Bob Gibbs made a stop in Hebron Monday afternoon to a company thats helping to manufacture helmets for troops overseas. But as WHIZ’s Mark Bullion reports, it’s also helping Ohio’s economy. You can watch his full story by clicking the video link on the left.

Drill baby drill. No we’re not talking oil here. We’re talking about saving lives overseas. Hebron based Armor Source has received a contract with the US Army to manufacture over 100,000 helmets for troops fighting overseas in Afghanistan.

"It’s providing lots of jobs, they’re going to go to an additional shift, they’re working 24 hours, 7 days a week, and this contract lasting for close to 300 days," said Congressman Bob Gibbs, Ohio’s 18th District.

Armor Source’s Contracting Manager Paul Garcia says work is already well underway for manufacturing the helmets, a move he says that’s not only helping those overseas, but also Ohio’s sluggish economy with around 167 employees and growing.

"The Ohio labor force is outstanding. Hard working individuals who are just doing a fantastic job," said Garcia.

"This company has only been at this location for a couple years but they have been in business for several years, but they are building a high quality product and they are competing and I think they are very well deserved to get this contract," said Gibbs.

Garcia says the helmets have to be built to US military specifications and go through rigorous quality control tests.

"For this company, it really puts us on the map significantly as a helmet manufacturer," said Garcia.

In the end, a high quality yet potentially life saving product for the men and women fighting overseas.