Recycle Your Scrap Tires

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Muskingum County residents are invited to throw out any scrap tires free of charge.

The Litter and Recycling Center is collecting scrap tires until June 30th. The county was given $20,000 through a tire amnesty grant last July. They have about $8,500 left to spend of it.

"Those residents that have old tires laying around, bring them out here to get rid of them and get them off the property, that’s the easiest way to dispose of them," said Muskingum County Commissioner Jerry Lavy.

Lavy said throwing them out creates a cleaner environment for the county. The tires will be recycled by a local contractor.

"They’re recycled into boiler fuel and everything up to crumb rubber, for playgrounds and fields, mulch for flowerbeds and that kind of thing so a little bit of everything," said Waste Management District Coordinator Rob Reiter.

Drop-offs can be made Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. The center is located at 2215 Adamsville Road in Zanesville.

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