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The fight is not over yet for one county facility.

The Muskingum County Commissioners are once again planning to appeal the state’s decision to deny their request to have patient beds certified at the Muskingum County Home.

"Our attorney recommended that we file the appeal which again the briefs, the work has been done, so they’re going to walk it down the street and file that appeal and see where it goes from there," said Commissioner Brian Hill.

Hill said by receiving the certification to have more beds, the Muskingum County Home would be reimbursed through the state and then be able to offer medicare and medicaid covered services. He said all hope has not been lost.

"In conjunction with that we’re going to go ahead and allow some work to start on what is called an RFP process which will be asking various nursing home facilities within the county if they are interested in being involved in the operation of the county home," said Hill.

They are now waiting for a response from the state.

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