Zanesville’s First Friday Artwalk

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Zanesville’s First Friday Artwalk will be held this week.

Alan Cottrill of Zanesville will be among the featured artists. He has been working with clay since 1990 and is well-known for his bronzed sculptures which are on display around the country and even overseas.

"We get a lot of casting from around the country that comes here and even Canada, we have a sent a lot of big pieces to western Canada so it’s pretty cool, plus we get about 8,000 visitors a year here in the studio and gallery," said Cottrill.

Cottrill said it takes about a week to complete a life-size sculpture and a little over two months to cast it in bronze. He said his work is inspired by life experiences and also through researching history.

"There’s a primal essence to it, there’s a groundedness, there’s a ruggedness, there’s a toughness, somebody that survived a lot of crap in life and is still going forward with pride and dignity," he said.

The First Friday Artwalk will be held from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

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