OU-Z Education Interns Test Interview Skills

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Education interns at Ohio University Zanesville Monday got a sneak peek at what the interview process is like to become a teacher.

Interns went through mock interviews with area principals from across Southeast Ohio. OUZ Education Program Assistant Jon Carroll says the experience gives interns the opportunity to realize strengths and weaknesses in the interview process to help them become a better interviewee and ultimately a teacher.

"Getting input from the principals. Geting input from the alumni about what it’s like out there once you do graduate with all the paper work. It’s the people skills that are extremely important," said Carroll.

Carroll adds that in this competitive economy, it’s important to take education beyond the classroom.

"Everyone gets the same knowledge as far as the classwork portion of that. But there’s no better teacher really than the actual internship experience about getting ready for teaching," said Carroll.

This is the third time OUZ has done the program. Alumni also attended the event to talk about their experience teaching after graduation. Many OUZ students are placed in school districts across Southeast Ohio.

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