Dance to the Beat of Your Heart

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As I sat down to have my glucose tested I watched as hundreds of people did the same, it is part of the Day of Dance ran by Genesis Healthcare System. This day gives the community a chance to enjoy entertainment while learning about their own physical condition

Testing your body mass index gives you an idea of where your weight lies as in if you are normal, obese or extremely obese.

Your body mass index also gives you an idea of your risks for stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. Exercise and diet can help all of these issues

"Exercise can change your whole outlook – it can reduce stress – and it can make you a better all around happy person," said Becky Weir.

Dancers show working out does not have to be work and new classes like Zumba aim to make getting healthy fun. Plus, it cuts your risk of diabetes.

"We use the term borderline diabetic if they are at risk for diabetes that is when you definitely want to go ahead and start making those changes," said Kay Eicher, diabetes and nutrition education.

Diet also plays a vital role. Beyond eating plenty of fruit and vegetables it is a good idea to pay attention to food labels.

"I think looking at the food label is very important. Many people do not understand that the food label will give them a lot of information on the sodium of the product and fats. Imparticular saturated fats and keeping that low," said Sarah Brauning, Dietician.

The event had good news for those suffering with P.A.D. A disorder that affects arteries in your legs.

"We are now looking at blockages of arteries in the leg so we are seeing a lot of people who have pain and numbness with walking so we are going to try to have them increase their walking capacity," said Heather Shuster.

It is suggested not just to think about your heart on the Day of Dance, but to practice a healthy lifestyle every day.