Paranormal Activity in Zanesville

Local News

Think you may have seen a ghost well, you maybe right and the Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators have the tools to find out.

Tom Robson and Michelle Duke have been investigating the paranormal for years. They formed the group Southeastern Ohio Paranormal Investigators and have something unusual to say.

"A lot of people are skeptics, we are skeptics ourselves, so I mean not everything you come a cross is paranormal," said Michelle Duke.

Paranormal is anything out of the ordinary so, on an investigation each person has a recorder. They then, review the recorder for evidence. On a paranormal investigation if they walk, talk or make a sound they make it known so they know it wasn’t a ghost.

They find places to explore by word of mouth and by the history of the building. In the Stone Academy, there were two riots causing a lot of energy and where there is energy there tends to be activity.

"There were two pieces of audio evidence and 1 photograph we captured upstairs that pretty much appears like there is a face," said Tom Robson.

Photos are hard to capture and video is even harder. In their 15 years of work they have caught both.

"It is the constant search of trying to find answers to this field in something that is not considered to be an exact science," said Robson.

Robson though is the most skeptic in the group and really analyzes a piece before saying it is evidence.

"I really look at it and try to analyze what I am looking at and see if there is maybe a person standing behind me," he said.

They say one of the most haunted places is the community theater.