Muskingum Valley Garden Society Symposium

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With the weather outside gardening probably is not on your mind but, it is on the mind of the Muskingum Valley Garden Society as they plan for their spring gardens and give you tips on yours.

If you’re a gardener it is time to plan for spring, check your beds for frosting and plants that did not survive Remove them to make room for new plants. For unexperienced gardeners with the right plant, water and sunlight you can become good and find yourself enjoying it.

 "Getting outside, working with my hands and I like the great outdoors. You kind of hear the birds singing, the birds are outside now and you get your juices flowing," said Darlene Turner, Muskingum Valley Garden Society.

The Society is thinking of new ideas for the "Y" Bridge project and a new project with the Carr Center  to fundraise for these projects they host the Home Gardening Symposium. This year’s is March 5th.

"We like to see them come out and get interested in the programs. It is a way for us to educate the public and that is our goal as a horticultural society," said Turner.

Two speakers will give gardeners tips on creating the best gardens possible. If you find yourself wanting to garden more the garden society is always looking for volunteers.

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