Battle Brews Between Tri-Valley Teacher, Superintendent

Local News

A battle is brewing in the Tri-Valley School District between a teacher and the superintendent.

Tri-Valley Superintendent Mark Neal said he will recommend Tri-Valley High School Biology Teacher Susan Moore be terminated.

Neal said Moore had nine instances in the last two years taking sick leave at Tri-Valley to teach at Zane State, which he says is a misuse of public tax dollars. He says on two instances, she took two sick days in a row at Tri-Valley, taught a class at Zane State, then took another sick day after.

Neal said by contract, teachers are not required to produce a doctor’s note unless they miss three sick days in a row. He said she has a consistent pattern of taking less than those three days.

Moore’s Attorney David Latanick said all sick leave requested was approved by Neal and the evidence he has does not demonstrate falsification of sick leave.

Neal plans to recommend Moore’s termination at their next school board meeting March 10th.


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