Ohio Actress Brings History to Zanesville

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Actress Annette Jefferson was the main speaker at Friday’s Lincoln Luncheon at Zanesville Country Club. Jefferson acted out multiple book passages to help tell the story of African American women during the Civil War. She finds these women through research.

"I research history. There are some women that I knew I wanted in the presentation such a S. Truth; she is the anchor and then, Harriet Tubman is the positive ending, " said guest speaker, Annette Jefferson.

Her performance is part of the Putnam Underground Railroad’s Eleventh Annual Lincoln Luncheon. She wants to be sure people know about the women’s impact.

"We drew them from the wings and brought them to center stage so that we can know our heritage," said Jefferson.

Jefferson also spoke to Zanesville High School students, on Friday morning, giving them a different view of Civil War history.

 The Putnam Underground Railroad would like to thank their sponsors and those in attendance .

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