Child Service’s Year in Review

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Each year children are abused physically, mentally, and sexually. Muskingum County Children’s Services works to prevent these situations.

On Thursday, the Muskingum County Commissioners received their annual update from Executive Director David Boyer who says the key to success is being proactive which is difficult considering state funding cuts.

"(I wanted to tell them) what really great work we do with a shoe string budget quite frankly because that is a dual purpose. I wanted to share with them. I wanted to get the point across that we do great work. We protect children very well. We find permanency for children very well and we are tremendous stewards of the tax payers dollars," Doug Boyer, Muskingum County Child Services.

Children’s Services has a 6.4 million dollar budget, with half going towards salaries and the other portion to care costs

"It is just a tremendous organization to work with and you know, there is no more noble cause than helping children," said Boyer.

Child Services is located at 205 N. 7th Street in Zanesville.

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