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Congressman Bob Gibbs was in Zanesville this week to open his district office. He talked about the massive budget deficit the state is facing.

Gibbs says he did not support the last state budget because it had a lot of one time dollars in it.

"It had over a billion dollars in the rainy day fund that was exhausted plus over 4 billion stimulus dollars from washington dc. And so all they did was prolong the agony of the problem and made it worse. So now instead of it being a 3 or 4 billion dollar problem, it’s now an 8 to 12 billion dollar problem," said Gibbs.

Gibbs also says Ohio’s economy needs to grow and prosper with new economic activity so more revenue will come in to the state.

"We have to get our fiscal house in order, that’s number one, number two we cannot raise taxes. And number three, we have to have regulatory reform because we are killing too many jobs because we have so many regulations and mandates that just don’t make a lot of sense," said Gibbs.

A reminder that Congressman Gibbs is asking residents of his district to voice their problems or concerns at his new Zanesville District Office which is located at 1166 Military Road.

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