2nd Petition Filed To Oust Muskingum Twp. Trustees

Local News

It looks like things are heating up again in a local township. For the second time a former Muskingum Township Fire Chief and a co-worker have filed a petition to try and remove two current Muskingum Township Trustees. John Benson and Troy Lowe filed a petition Wednesday – in Muskingum County Common Pleas Court – with 426 other signatures asking that Steve Fusner and Jerry Miller be removed from office. This document repeats the original complaints which included – allegations of gross neglect of duty — and a new issue. This new petition alleges the purchase of a fire truck in June of 2008, by the Township, was illegal since the Township is not a member of the State of Ohio Purchasing Program. Trustee Jerry Miller say he is vigorously denying the allegation and provided Whiz News with documentation from Pierce Manufacturing Incorporated showing payment to Ohio STS, which is the Ohio Purchasing Program in the amount of $2,227.50 for that fire truck. Miller says participating in that program exempted the Township from competitive bidding. Miller says he plans to file to have the Petition dismissed.

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