Dick Johnson Civic Leadership Award

Local News

One local man is being recognized for his outstanding contributions to the community.

Randy Coconis of Zanesville is receiving the Dick Johnson Civic Leadership Award presented by the Muskingum County Community Foundation. He was selected for his many accomplishments as a leading furniture retailer.

"When you see the past recipients of this award it really is an awesome list and to be just considered on the same page with those names is really gratifying and really rewarding for me," said Randy Coconis.

In addition to operating a furniture business, Coconis was a volunteer fireman for the South Zanesville Fire Department for 15 years and a village councilman for eight. He has also made significant contributions to the Red Cross and Good Will.

He credits his family to teaching him the values he holds so dearly today.

"It’s just how I’ve been raised, we were very fortunate and to try to give back and try to help others and everything is just something that is a part of my family’s legacy and it’s what we’ve always done and it’s something that I enjoy doing," he said.

Coconis will receive the award at the Muskingum County Community Foundation’s 26th Anniversary Groundhog Day celebration on January 28th.