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The Muskingum County Commissioners approved a bid that will greatly help out the Engineers Department.

The bid was awarded to Southeastern Equipment for a new multi-purpose excavator that will help clear ditches and remove tree branches.

"The piece of equipment that we have now is almost seven years old and with it working everyday, it shows a lot of wear and tear, lot of service needing done on the older piece of equipment," said County Engineer Douglas Davis.

Davis said the old piece of equipment will still be used in addition to the new one and will help serve the community more efficiently. As far as projects go, he said they are currently in winter mode.

"We’ve been in reactive mode, but we’re working very diligently on trimming trees, if we can keep our ditches clean, we can keep the water off the roads, that helps save our roads," he said.

He adds that they have seen a decrease in potholes because roadways have been better maintained by using equipment like this one.

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