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Experts predict that 150,00 white-tailed deer will be harvested during deer gun season.

Phillips Meat Processing of Zanesville is already having a successful second day. The plant and retail shop caters to hunters interested in processing various kinds of animals.

"Yesterday was fantastic, we had 165 I believe and that’s been the best we’ve had in two or three years on the first day," said Owner Dale Phillips.

By noon on Tuesday, they had already processed 50 deer. Phillips works with Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry and said the organization is currently in need of financial contributions.

"They raise money to give the meat to the pantries and what they do with the money is used for processing and handling of the meat," he said.

Last year Muskingum County led the state in deer donations, giving 10,000 pounds of meat to pantries. The F.H.F.H. says one deer can feed more than 200 people.

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