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If you woke up this morning and stepped on your scale, you might have been a little surprised.

With Thanksgiving over and most bellies stuffed, you would think most people would want to hit the gym to burn off those Thanksgiving treats. But for one local gym, it is anything but.

"The traffic is a lot slower today than normal last 20 years, says Director of Fieldhouse Fitness Jim Fraunfelter.

Fraunfelter says people are either most likely shopping or too lazy to do anything today. But for brenda estadt, she offers some good advice to tackling exercise during the holidays.

 "For me what worked best was interval training. Kind of switching it up. Maybe a sprint, then walk, sprint then walk or get on a machine and go for 10 minutes and switch for another 10," says Brenda Estadt who works out at Fieldhouse Fitness.

Estadt also says to make sure you eat before your workout but to avoid those tempting sweets. She says protein helps to build muscle which makes you feel full. This will help you accomplish a successful workout not only during the holidays, but any time of year.

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