Miss Ohio Pageant Remains in Mansfield

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The Miss Ohio Pageant has been held in Mansfield for 35 years, and after a pageant board decision Wednesday night, it will remain there.

For three years, Mayor Butch Zwelling has worked to acquire local sponsors and funding to bring the pageant to Zanesville.

"I made a presentation a couple months ago to try to get them to move to Zanesville to be housed in Secrest Auditorium and since that time, I got commitments from about 30 area business people in writing," says Mayor Zwelling.

Mayor Zwelling says those commitments tallied $81,000 worth of sponsorships, and $51,000 cash each year for three years. He says everyone in Zanesville was excited and willing to contribute.

"We think we could inject new life into this program and make it a three to $4 million boom to the Zanesville economy. All the hotels would be filled, the restaurants would be booming, it would be a major thing for our economy and I’m kind of crushed that we didn’t get it to Zanesville."

The city was going to be investing around $10,000 in rental fees for Secrest Auditorium, and $5,000 in security.

The mayor says he won’t make another push for the pageant coming to Zanesville unless he’s certain the board would approve the move.

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