State Grant Cleans up Thousands of Tires

Local News

State funds are cleaning up thousands of tires from Hopewell-area properties.

ODNR grant money, and Ohio EPA Scrap Tire Consensual Agreements are funding the clean-up of close to 10,000 tires from three properties in a Hopewell watershed.

"The grant itself was for $20,000. About $18,750 of it goes to actual tire clean up and disposal," says Robert Reiter, District Coordinator of the Southeastern Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management.

The remaining funds will be used to raise awareness about open-dumping and the costs involved. Liberty Tire crews are cleaning up the tires which Reiter says have been there for years.

"Just looking at some of the tires and some of the information that we got from residents in the area that these tires have probably been coming in here since the ’70’s."

The grant money that is paying for the clean-up comes from the tax placed on every tire sold in the state of Ohio.

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