Move to Re-Open Ellis

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It’s the only non-functional lock on the Muskingum River and some area boaters say they’d like to see that changed.

Dave Mathew spoke with Muskingum County Commissioners Thursday about the need to get the Ellis Lock, between Zanesville and Dresden, up and running.

"There’s some structural problems and problems with the gates from lack of maintenance over many years. It’s been closed for many 15 years," says Mathew.

Mathew says the Ohio Department of Natural Resources estimates it would cost between $5 and $7 million to repair the Ellis Lock and Dam. He believes it would be a worthwhile investment, allowing boaters more access up river.

"It would just open the river up to a lot more avenues, more boaters, maybe more exposure and a little more tourism. I know some of the people in Coshocton County have interest in that and bringing more stuff their way," he says.

Mathew and his group of concerned boaters received the Commissioners support to search for grants to fund the project.

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